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The age of renewable fuels is upon us. And CAPHENIA wants to play a pioneering role in this era – with a technology that combines sustainability, affordability and scalability. This lays the basis for a technological solution that will become a world leader in minimising carbon emissions.





The United Nations (UN) has set seventeen targets for sustainable development. These goals were adopted by heads of state and governments from all over the world in september 2015. These Sustainable Development Goals are a “universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity”. CAPHENIA’s technology solutions have a positive impact on eleven of the seventeen goals (the coloured SDGs).

We need a change


Become a fuel pioneer

To date, only industry-leading companies, family offices and institutional investors have invested in CAPHENIA. However, we are planning an investment pool for private investors who are enthusiastic about innovative energy solutions and want to invest in a sustainable future. Join our Private Impact Investor Community and let us work together to achieve CAPHENIA’s social, ecological and economic goals.