CAPHENIA GmbH and US based Emerging Fuels Technology, Inc. announce MOU to optimize scalable Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production.

Renewable fuels are our driving force

The CAPHENIA process produces carbon-neutral and CO2-minimised synthetic fuels from CO2, methane and renewable energy. In this way, we are forging the path for the age of renewable fuels.

Movement is an essential part of life as we know it – without mobility, our modern world would be simply inconceivable. The movement of people and goods is a vital cog in both international relations and prosperity.

Those who want to travel should continue to have the opportunity to do so in the future – and this mobility should be possible at a viable cost and in a way that respects our natural surroundings. Yet the mobility of today is a burden on the environment. Aeroplanes, ships and vehicles emit over 9 100 million tonnes of CO2 every year and are exacerbating climate change as a result.

CAPHENIA wants to play its part in reducing carbon emissions: by producing renewable synthetic fuels at competitive prices.

CAPHENIA is following nature’s example by turning CO2 in a useful resource. CAPHENIA uses a globally patented Power-and-Biogas-to-Liquid (PBtL) process to convert CO2 and biogas into renewable synthetic fuels. These fuels can then be used to power existing engines and propulsion systems, so that no costly conversions or new infrastructure are required. The electricity required for the conversion process is generated from renewable energy sources, and the CAPHENIA process is able to respond quickly to fluctuations in its availability.

Expertise and passion


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