Presentation of CAPHENIA technology in DGLR magazine

A CAPHENIA presentation at the 60th Hamburg Aviation was the occasion for a report in the DGLR member magazine “Aerospace”. The starting point for the presentation in the Hanseatic city was the question of how climate neutrality can succeed: In 170 years, global CO2 emissions have risen to 34.8 billion tonnes today – an almost exponential increase. “And now politicians want us to believe that we want to be climate neutral within just 30 years,” said CAPHENIA CEO Dr Mark Misselhorn. “That’s pretty ambitious.”

The solution: use all technologies with which CO2 can be saved, use the maximum innovative forces of the market. One example is the 1.3 billion internal combustion engines in operation worldwide in cars, trucks, ships, trains and aircraft, among others. Misselhorn “They won’t be substituted overnight – that would cost trillions.”

For further reading, here is a PDF excerpt from the “Luft- und Raumfahrt” edition 2/2022.

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