Industriepark Höchst as an innovation hub for CO2-neutral fuels

Two pilot plants for the production of sustainable fuels are being built at Industriepark Höchst – one of them by CAPHENIA.

In edition 1/2022 of the Industrie-Journal of the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the editors see potential above all for aviation. The annual paraffin demand of Frankfurt Airport alone was several million tonnes before the pandemic. In order to secure the location, the Hessian state government founded the Centre of Competence for Climate and Noise Protection in Aviation.

The centre’s goal is to achieve CO2 neutrality in air traffic through innovative concepts. The focus here is on the development of synthetic paraffin through power-to-liquid (PtL) processes. This is an area in which CAPHENIA stands out with its technology: unlike other PtL processes, it uses not only electricity but also biomethane as an energy source, which significantly reduces the need for electricity from renewable energy sources.

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